SARA سارة
AHMED احمد
WARDA وردة

Meet Our Family

We’re a Bahraini family that reflects and reacts within Bahrain’s community, indirectly correcting bad behaviour and complimenting the good through a motivational strategy.

A positive and loving family who loves nature and the environment, and is absolutely peaceful towards everybody. Humble by nature, this family spreads positive energy and happiness.


In his forties, the father is an extremely organised person who adores his family, and is known to be the master planner of the family. He loves to delegate tasks between all the family members.

Sometimes, his mission to “change” is jeopardised due to a small detail that slips his mind, but he always saves the situation in the end. He loves sports, specifically horse riding, and is always learning about new mobile apps from his kids.


In her mid-thirties, she loves shopping, however because she is emotional, she is sometimes unable to make the right decision. She is always positive and by using her wits and diplomacy she is able to tell people about their wrong behaviour without embarrassing them.

She’s a good cook and is always busy following-up and contributing to events taking place in Bahrain. She loves book exhibitions, and the film festivals that take place in the city.


He’s ten years old, crazy about swimming, surfing, and football. He’s known to be good at planning and executing things. He sometimes argues with his sister, and his main  problem is that he is not always ready to face  people that upset him, and asks for his father’s  advice and help most of the time.


She’s 8 years old, extremely smart and loves painting. She has a special characteristic from each family member; from her dad she inherited problem-solving skills, from her mom, an eye for art. She always seeks her parents’ approval and is sometimes up to mischief with her brother.

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